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Why so many skills are mentioned within a JD?

02 May, 2019 | Fresher Job Search

Why so many Skills,Whats the College for?


When someone makes a Job Post, many skills are mentioned. They are the desired skills, not mandatory. It is not necessary that you know it all. You must have the basics clear and under certain cases, expertise in a single technology. Many skills are mentioned to get eyes attracted to the Job Post. Out of many technologies, if someone knows even a few, there will be chances of him/her applying to the Job.

Now coming to J2EE and RoR, these are niche skills. 99.9% of candidates do not study this in college, i Agree, but these are the requirements of the software industry now so its the students’ responsibility to study such technologies on their own (Or some institute) so that they can compete with IITians/NITians etc. Imagine making a Web Portal using C/C++, its not at all possible. Imagine someone writing the code for a Website using notepad (Which is done during practicals in colleges), its not possible, you surely need a dynamic editor for this.

The companies cannot limit their job requirements because they need these skills to complete the projects allotted by their clients. You need to be sure of the fact that there is a huge gap between what you study in your college and what is required to work in IT/Core companies.

And this gap cannot be easily removed. Its only the students who need to work on themselves. Even an IITian does not study RoR in his/her college syllabus but he/she learns the technology independently.

A college is just there to give you a Degree and an environment, its the student who has to take it further without too much dependence on the college.

Just take an analogy for example:

Consider an acting school, which trains aspiring actors/actresses. It basically gives basic knowledge and a degree based platform. They do not train the candidate on every scenario which might happen while acting for a big budget movie/art movie/documentary. When they actually act in a movie, they need to act well, dance well, fight well, build their body, create different looks and experiment a lot. So its upto the candidates to learn something which is “Hatke”
Thats the reason someone becomes “Sunny Deol” who cannot dance and some other to be “Hrithik Roshan” who is a fantastic dancer with a fit body. Someone becomes “Govinda” with excellent comic timing and someone “Shahrukh Khan” with awesome romantic manners.
So the more you go out of the box and the more you learn, it shall help you more.
For any education domain (Engineering/Acting/Fashion/Law) a college is just a 3–4 year time phase to transform your basics and give you a degree. Rest is all your take, your learning and your ability which can take you further.
Only a handful of colleges are exception to the above fact.
So go ahead, choose a technology, learn it. If you cannot, then avoid such Job Posts and target simpler ones.