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Why Python? Starting with Basics !

30 May, 2020 | Fresher Job Search

Typical tech interview answers by Final Year Engg. Students nowadays:

✓Language you prefer in coding tests?


✓Language used in your project?


✓Your field of interest?


✓You want to intern in?


✓Do you know the basics of C/C++ ?

Not really

✓Any idea of Data Structures?

Not much

✓Your Aptitude Score?


Our questions to them:
✓If you aren't too good at #aptitude, How can you be a good Data Scientist - Data is Math?

✓If you don't know the real time implementation of Python, How can you expect a long term career in AI/ML?

✓If you aren't clear with basics of C/C++ & data structures, How will you code efficiently?


✓Important word for Freshers:
Python is simple, it let's you work on data which is the key in #machinelearning & #artificialintelligence but:

Unless you are able to build clean & efficient code

Unless you are good with Math

Unless you have an analytical mind

Everything is a waste!


Just making a project in Python or learning theory from an institute won't work in interviews of big companies
You need to be clear with basics & then only move forward, stepwise

Why don't you make a combo of Python & C++/JAVA so that you pursue #simplicity & #codeefficiency simultaneously?

To build niche #careers you always start with basics.