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Tips to Ace a Virtual Interview (Skype / Zoom / WebEx)

30 May, 2020 | Fresher Job Search

Virtual / Skype #interviews are being conducted due to #corona - How can you Prepare & Excel?

Major FUNDAS below:

✓Install Skype / Zoom (Do it Yourself and Check Audio, Camera)

✓Fix the height of your laptop to avoid staring down into the camera - Never use mobile phones for Skype Interview

✓Dress professionally - From top to bottom

✓Sit on a table, maintain a neutral & plain background

✓Check room light levels

✓Use full internet bandwidth - Close background applications on your laptop

✓Keep phone silent, disable vibrations

✓Keep the Hard Copy (At hand) & Soft Copy (PDF over email) of your #resume

✓Note down few questions you wish to ask the interviewer.

✓Keep noisy stuff like kids, pets etc away from the room during interview. Switch fan on & check if it's sound interferes

✓Keep a pen, pad / paper with you

✓Have a glass of water next to you - But No snacks

✓Ask the phone number of the interviewer in case video/internet is lost.

✓Research the company properly

✓Know a bit about the interviewer

✓Record & Practice basic questions

✓Learn screen sharing on Skype

✓Send a “thank you” email within few hours of the interview.


Lastly; Maintain your expression infront of the camera when you are assigned a #problem to solve