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The Student Start-Up Circle !

30 May, 2020 | Fresher Job Search

The Student Start-Up Circle!


What the student wants? Start-Up

What Parents say? Shut-Up

What Juniors do? Look-Up

What the girlfriend does? Break-Up

How fellow students feel? Shook-Up

What Startup conclaves ask for? A Slot Book-Up

When he participates, what he does? An Idea Pick-Up

When he presents the idea? No Brush-Up

What Online Mentors advise for? An Idea Push-Up

What Offline mentors ask for? A Coffee Catch-Up

What Incubators offer? Office Set-Up

What Investors do? A Pitch Deck Check-Up

Do they fund immediately? No, They Leave-Up

What happens post a few days of operations? Expenses Blow -Up

How it looks like later? A Goof-Up

Whats the self expectation levels? They don't Live-Up

After a short hiatus, what he does? Give-Up

Solution now? Back-Up

What the mind needs now? Clean-Up

What's on offer via the college? A Placement Line-Up

What he does when there's a campus interview? Show - Up

What's the result gradually? An Offer Pile-Up

What his startup instinct is on? Small Hang-Up

What he gains post joining the company? Skill & Profile Build -Up

What he offers to the clients? A Meet-Up

What about opportunities? They Walk-Up

What his Job is? A Warm-Up

Post 2 years? Again Start-Up

In High Probability: A Success Link-Up!


NOTE: There may be & there are exceptions to the above...


Why not go for a Job to startwith, You have all the time in this world to Start - Up


Start, but first learn by working for someone....