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The "P" Theory for Placements !

30 May, 2020 | Recruitment

The 'P' Theory for Placements - Learn to Handle it Better!

P - Plan: You need to be sure if at all you want to opt for placements or not. If Yes, fix a starting point. If not, ignore the below P's

P - Preparation: Be it at any level, you need to prepare well. Your aptitude skills, communication skills, basic technical skills or advanced technical skills (In Order) based on the companies you target. Your preparation may be more or less depending upon your level (IITians/NITians may take it for granted - Tier 2 Students cannot & need to hit it hard)

P - Practice: After every few days of your Preparation, you need to Practice & test yourself. This is something to be repeated every now and then. Be it an Online Test Series or a Mock Interview, you need to check yourself often

P - Patience: You need to wait for results. Not everyone will be placed on Day 1. It may take 2 OR 6 Months OR 1 Year or even more to get the desired result. You need to have a set timeline, perhaps analysing your seniors' data & you just cannot afford to be Non Indulgent after a while. Repeat P1, P2 on continuous basis.

P - Positivity: You need to be optimistic - Affirm that you will surely get something or the other based on your skill set. Don't be frustrated after a few rejections

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