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The Real Value of a Certification !

30 May, 2020 | Fresher Job Search



The REAL Value of a #Certification - Part 1!

Is the #CERTIFICATE important or the #JOURNEY to the CERTIFICATE?

We have a lot of Online Certification courses nowadays: Udacity, Coursera & so on.

But how do we make them #valuable?

A Certificate Course means:

1.#Discipline: Learning at Routine
2.#Preparation: Learning Concepts in a targeted way
3.#Practice: Working on sample Modules
4.#Competition: Others are working with you as well
5.#Projects: You build something on your own
6.#Feedback: Provided by your Guide/Mentor, YOU can improve
7.#Tests: You need to complete test(s) to finally get the certificate
8.#Recognition: Your work is stamped by a registered authority & can be shown anywhere

Now, what do maximum students think:

They strive for Step 8;

Try shortcuts for Steps 1 - 7;

Many are successful in doing so & this diminishes the value of a Certificate

If you complete steps 1 - 6 perfectly, then step 7 is easy & step 8 can be omitted - YES!

Proof of knowledge/skill matters only if you have it actually, else it doesn't matter at all.

Majority interviewers won't even see your certificates;

They will trust what you say & what you mention in your #resume - Prove it with your #words, your #actions !